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MeCanik 3MOA Micro Pistol Red Dot


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Mfg Part Number:PACN1101 Manufacturer: Canik Model: Mechanic MO1

MeCanik 3MOA Micro Pistol Red Dot

A pistol optic's primary purpose is to provide fast target acquisition with a reasonable rate of accuracy by allowing the shooter to maintain focus on the target while aiming. The MECANIK MO1 Tactical Micro Reflex Sight does just that. During the design process, we worked with Special Operation Forces & Law Enforcement units from all over the world, in order to best suit the competition, tactical environment. It is equipped with high-tech features that will crown its unique patented exterior design.

Thanks to the aggressive side serrations on the body, the optic provides continuation of the grip surface from the slide. The MECANIK MO1 Tactical Micro Reflex Sight TCF (Tactical Concave Face) allows the user the capability of manipulating the slide through the red dot, without touching the reflex glass. This feature further enhances its usability by allowing the slide to be racked against your waistband, while manipulating the firearm with one hand.

Due to the high-tech Motion Sensor in the MECANIK MO1, the battery life is preserved when the optic is not in use. Its Light Sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the red dot, in order to match ambient light and maintain visibility. The MECANIK MO1 Tactical Micro Reflex Sight has a 3 MOA red dot, which has been identified as the ideal dot size for urban environments. Finally, the MECANIK MO1 has the capability of Co-Witnessing with your favorite Iron Sights. MECANIK is proud to give you the most efficient, reliable, and robust electronic sighting system in the world.

Fits Canik Models METE SFT, METE SFx, TP9 Elite SC, TP9 SFx, TP9 Elite Combat, TP9 Elite Combat Executive, SFx Rival. 

MeCanik 3MOA Micro Pistol Red Dot
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